Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 10: Gettin' Our Kicks on Route 66

We made it through Kingman, now on to Flagstaff!

To be honest, I thought that Arizona would be blazing hot! At some points, it was over 100º F, but when we stopped for the night, it got down to 56º F!

We camped in Kaibab National Forest. We got there when it was dark (of course) and thankfully, there were no bugs screaming to keep us awake! Although I have to say, lack of sleep has given us short tempers, and those were prevalent last night. It's kinda hard on a body when you only get about 4-6 hours of sleep a night. It's even harder for my dad, since he's driving the RV. Keep praying for us!

The road which we are using to get back home is Interstate 40... but it's also known as Route 66. I've been on this road once before, and it was almost 9 years ago! It's amazing to see all the history that comes with a road like Route 66. (But I have to say, the gift shop items are so lame... Little key chains, tiny shot glasses... BORING!) Known as the Main Street of the USA (also called the Mother Road), Route 66 is one of the original highways. Route 66 was established November 11, 1926, and the road signs appeared about a year later. It covers 2,448 miles of land, starting in Chicago, IL and ending in Los Angeles, CA. (got that off the back of my post card! )

Welp- We've made it out of Arizona, and are making our way through New Mexico. We hope to be on the far side before we stop for the night. Wish us luck!

So if any of you know me, you know I love writing! I was deeply pondering what I could do to make this a cool experience for me (and hopefully my family too) and so I decided to write a poem!

Going West

Sitting in a mobile home
Going to where the Buffalo roam
Lounging in my shorts and shirt
Watching tires kick up dirt

Rolling hills go speedily by
While majestic mountains touch the sky
Underneath a sky so blue
Emboldened by a map so true

Following this dust path
Calculating all the math
Finding a good place to sleep
While tempers quiet we try to keep

The days are long and boring
The night are filled with snoring
Each and every day we find
We leave our real home far behind

Going west towards the sun
Ready to have a ton of fun
But all the while thinking of home
And everything we've ever known.

I can't wait until school starts! We've got about a week and a half left of summer. It's crazy to think that our summer vacation has passed by so quickly! I'm excited to be starting my Junior year! So many opportunities to make new friends, and make differences! I'm so excited about all my classes, but mostly about Seminary. It's such a great class to be in, and it always helps to make my day better! :)

Stay amazing!


(I was always fascinated by RV's... Big, small, pulled, driven... Now? I don't think I want to step foot in one again... at least for another 6 years ;) )
No, Not a turd... It's a wad of melted Milk Duds :)

Beautiful New Mexico sky!

There are a lot of trains out West!!

Such a rebel!!

Copy Cat... :P

Saw this at the rest area right inside the New Mexico/Arizona border

You decide

My sweet Hacky sack!

Don't ya know!