Friday, August 9, 2013

Day 4: Is Your Head in the Game?

I knew that Illinois and Iowa would be boring (No thanks to all the corn...) but for real? South Dakota is all flat and chill!! Little hills dot the landscape, with the occasional field of bales of hay, and cows rein free! :) JK, it's only behind cool looking fences!

Having been on the road for so many hours already, adding this trip (about 10 hours of driving a day, covering roughly 1478 miles in the 3.5 days we've been traveling.) to the 20+ hours in a van from Youth Conference, and the 12 hours from Girls Camp, that's already 50+ hours in a car in a month... I'm so done with road trips after this! At least until next summer :)

Tidbits from the Family :)
Dad- “We got gas at the most jacked up gas station in South Dakota”
Me! :) “You can never have too many pictures of a dinosaur!”

To be honest, I thought that Mount Rushmore would be bigger! It was big, but not as huge as in the movies :) Which is probably to be expected, what with “Hollywood Movie Magic” and all! You never know what to expect until you get there! But it was really amazing, and it was awesome to see the final product.
Saylorsville lake, just beyond a crazy giant hill

Just for the Ham guys :)

Crazy watch tower at a rest stop in SD

Do I know him?! :P


Cool little glass blown decoration

Our Kindling

Our South Dakota bacon breakfast :)

Apparently, this week is the huge Motorcycle gig in Sturgis, SD. Hundreds, if not thousands of motorcycles from all over the U.S.A come to Sturgis and have a huge parade. As we were leaving the parking lot of the Mount Rushmore site (You paid $11 to go and look at monument from a mile away... and the walk up there was EXHAUSTING! Good thing I brought my brace!) It;s kinda hard to take a 23 year old RV through the Black Hills, but to have to hear motorcycles too? That's pushing it! :) (BTW- I've always wanted to ride a motorcycle, and seeing all the cycles in Rapid City and Custer, I think I have a pretty good idea of what model I'd get if I ever got one :P )

It's about 11:20am Mountain time (making it 1:17pm back home) and we're on our way to a Walmart... Hopefully, I'll find a place to post this so you all can see how the trip's going! :) Now that I think about it, it's crazy to think that if we were watching Conference right now, we'd actually be watching it legitly live (cept for the fact that there's no WiFi here in Wyoming... ) But that's just me being me :)

All my love to the folks back home!