Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 8: Mormon Territory

Traveling through that place called Utah, the home of the Mormons! It's great to see the temple from the highway, but seeing more than one? It's amazing!

During our travels, through places like Salt Lake City, Provo, and Jordan, we stopped to break at a place called Cove Fort. (A little history lesson for y'all) Ira Hinkley (Great Grandfather to President Gordon B. Hinkley) received a letter from the Prophet, Brigham Young, telling Ira to go and build a fort for travelers to go and stay when they were tired from traveling the inhospitable land. A few years later, the fort was built, and Fort Cove was born. It thrived through most of the late 1800's. On May 21, 1994 President Hinkley (then the prophet) dedicated the Fort as a Church Historical Site. It was really amazing, and there was a spirit there that made it seem as if the people who lived there and stayed there were around to help the Elder tell the story.

Last night we stayed in Willard, UT. To be completely honest, it was a lot like staying in Crawfordsville all over again!! The bugs were so loud, only when we woke up (if anyone really even slept) it wasn't because of crows... It was because of a train! It scared me so badly that I almost fell off the Perch! (I call it the perch, because when you look out the windows, you can see virtually everything around you, and it's higher up than everyone else :D ) It was cool, because when we got up for breakfast, we looked out around the RV, and saw the Willard Bay, which connects to the Great Salt Lake! WOO! It was awesome! The showers were actually a lot like the showers at Girls Camp, but WAY MORE DIRTY! Other peoples hair, squished bugs, and mold were on the walls and floors alike. It was utterly traumatizing! (Not really, but it made me grateful for Sister Stankosky and her ever vigilant care of the showers at GC)

Not much else has happened today! We've been on the road most of the day, traveling swiftly and making good time, and working out the tasks for the day.

All my love to those back home!


P.S- Mr. Ewing! Adam would like to report that no sharks have eaten his toes off yet! :)
Us eating Dinner in Idahome (by the side of the Highway)

When trying to find us a place to sleep, Dad hit a rock... This is how far he moved it

Cool looking thing in Utah

Entrance to Cove Fort

Interior of Cove Fort

Elder Crow :)

Look who's having fun at Cove Fort??