Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 11-12: The Last Days

Sorry guys, no pictures for this post...

I'm sitting at my computer thinking of the best way to tell you what happened the last night....... Well, here it goes!

Saturday was traveling through New Mexico,Texas, and most of Oklahoma... Or so we thought...

When we arrived in Bristow, OK at about 10:30pm. We tried to follow the directions the book gave us for getting to our campground. We'd turned the wrong way off the Turnpike, and proceeded to get lost! When we finally realized that we were lost, we turned around and went right back to the city. We put the GPS coordinates in my dad's phone, and finally made it there. But we got there at 11pm. An hour after closing.... So we didn't have a place to stay. (The nearest camp ground was another 50 miles away...) So, we deemed it necessary to continue driving for another 4 hours.

We drove until 4am, stopping somewhere on the far side of Springfield, MO. Dad parked the RV in a rest area parking lot, killed the engine, and tried to fall asleep. I, having stayed up with him (and so used to not sleeping), crashed almost as soon as he stopped moving. We (in the driving section) got about an hours sleep until we woke up feeling cramped from sitting so long. We took care of our business, then started driving again.

At about 7am, we stopped in Cuba, MO, ate breakfast, then traveled home, back to the great Ohio.


After traversing about 5 thousand miles, driving 9-10 hour days, swaying back and forth with the motion of the RV, sleeping less and less each night, and learning to answer the call "RIGHT TURN!!!!!!", we were home.

So ends the Great RV Trip, in the year 2013.

Thank you for all of your prayers and thoughts for safety! We missed you all, and wished we could've been with you! :)

Home Sweet Home