Friday, August 16, 2013

Day 9: Hoover What?

Our travels today took us to Pahrump, NV where we visited my Grandma's niece and her husband. *(Little back story) My grandmothers sister, Bonnie, passed away this last year. She was then cremated, and we were supposed to meet my Gma's niece in Idaho to continue on to the Pacific Ocean. There, we were to spread her ashes. Since that never happened, we stayed near my Aunt Bonnie's (Gma's daughter) and then made our way down to Pahrump. The last time we saw them, I was about 8 years old.* We talked and laughed and shared stories of Great Grandma Peggy, and of Great Aunt Bonnie. (My grandmothers mother also passed away last year) After a short visit, we started our long journey home!

Las Vegas... Where to start? That city is so huge, so full of casinos, it's a wonder people can actually breathe there! The traffic is insane, and the general feel of the city makes me uneasy... Such a large, imposing city, almost as if it doesn't want you to pass it by. Which in gamblers cases, it doesn't. Las Vegas is definitely a crazy city!

Adam's Advice ( :D )--- Hello everybody back home!!!! :) Hope you are all having fun!! :)

I asked around if anyone wanted to put anything in todays blog update, and the only one who wanted to was Adam...

Our first stop? Hoover Dam! Such a let down... You couldn't even see it from the RV! It seems that every major monument or sight that we have seen on this trip wasn't up to par with what we thought of it... But don't let that get you down! A friend once told me to think happy thoughts, and so that's what I am going to do!

“How long does happy last? Can I keep it in my grasp? I realize it's up to me.”
~ Down by Terron Brooks

Keep happy thought in your head! Remember who you are!


P.S- Happy late B-Day to Megan!!! 

Sin City...

More Vegas

I just like it for the Sun flower :) (I'm totally kidding)

The temp as we were leaving Vegas to go out to Pahrump

The road that seems to fall off the earth!

Only shot of Hoover Dam that I could get.........