Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Days 6-7: Idaho Couch Potatoes!

Well, the first couple days in Idaho have been fun! We've been hanging at Bonnie's house, having so much fun that I neglected my first duty on this trip... To update this blog! :)

It's kinda hard to tell the difference between a potato farm and a soy bean farm, but I think I might have gotten the hang of it! It's pretty cool to see the Potato State up close! If there's any doubt in your mind, let me put it to rest. Just because all you see is potatoes, doesn't mean that it's a boring state! The mountainous scenery that you can see everywhere is way better than the ground! :)

Near the house of my Aunt is a cool little river, complete with a little dam. Lucas took me across, giving me the grand tour of how to correctly walk across a dam. :) I have to admit, I was literally swept off my feet! Haha :D I didn't get too wet though, thank goodness! The water was cool and refreshing after hiking for a while in the heat! It got over 90 on Monday here in Idaho! Way more hot than back in Ohio, but the sweltering heat is yet to come! We still have to travel back through the desert, which can only mean no long socks for me! :) (and if any of you know me, I am famous for my amazingly crazy long socks!)

We (Bonnie's kids and the RV travelers) went into the mountains to camp last night. We drove up on Monday, to McCall, ID. It took 4 hours, but Bonnie had us taken care of. We listened to a murder mystery called Envy. (written by George Olson) From the campsite, you could see the river, clear and crisp, talking in it's own way to the towering pines that made up the shore. The stones in the river varied in color, shape, and size. They were slippery from being in the river so long, but the texture on bare feet was something else.

Well, we're packing up to leave, and I am sad to go. We had the most amazing time here, and even though we didn't get to go and see the ocean, I wouldn't trade the last 3 days for anything!

Next stop, Vegas!


** Dad put a new thermostat in the RV, and we get 2 MPG better with the new one than we did with the old one! GO DAD! :D

Sage the cutie :)

Looking at the river at Chinook Campground

Who is this man?!?! ;)