Thursday, August 8, 2013

Day 2-3: The Best Part

WI-FI!!!!!! So it IS real! :) Haha so- The long awaited update! :)

We crossed the Ohio border Tuesday at about 7:49pm! We were so excited to be going on this trip! Not only does it mean that we get to see family, but we also get to bond with each other in our own special ways.

The best part? The quotes!!! :)

"The first successful RV Dump!”
“Brake Check!!!”
“First day of camping= Free!!” (Care of Crawfordsville, IN)
“Passed a Ford RV pulling a 'hamster cage'” (It was pulling a Scion “Box Car”)
“Look Dad! A Crop Duster!!!”
Breakfast Day 2


Monster Corn

Peoria, IL

Spider Wheelchair Bike

Need I say more?

For Our FAVORITE missionary!

For our FAVORITE missionary!

For Our Favorite Fire Fighter

Crop Duster!

Cool Tank at a military scene

It's been fun here on the road, traveling to and fro trying to find a good place to sleep.. The first night, we meandered along some crazy country roads until we finally found the camp site... and even then, we still had to wander slowly! But we did finally get to bed, but crickets and birds kept us up all night! Not to mention it was stifling in the RV!

We traveled all day, past miles and miles of endless corn, and stopped at a gas station to get gas. And Dad saw a spider motorcycle that had a nifty compartment for a wheelchair!! It was also really cool because it made me think of home :) The coolest part about Wednesday was the World's Largest Truckstop!!!

At the truckstop, there were obviously trucks, but also an assortment of random, but funny items... there were fur seat covers, crazy colored LED lights, and tons of trucking items that you would generally think are in a Semi-truck. (insert pics of truck stop, but no more than 5) They also had 3 trucks on display that you could look at, and in some cases, sit in! (pics of Adam and Dad) Some of the lights that they had arranged in different orders made for some good pictures! :)

We're only a days travel from Mount Rushmore, and hopefully, we'll make good time! It truly has been a blessing to make it out here! Yay!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we travel farther from home.


P.S- WE NEED YOUR HELP! We got a cute little mascot for the trip.... and we need a name for him! Leave a comment with an idea! The most creative will be the official name of our mascot!