Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 5: One Stone, Two Stone, Red Stone, Yellowstone

Well! We made it through part of the mountains! :) WOO!! It was really scary, but it was breathtaking at the same time! Steep grades, and crazy beautiful scenery, along with sleeplessness and short tempers makes for a fun time in the mountains! :)

I'm going to just say this now, that riding above the drivers seat has it's advantage! :) The things I see up here are unhindered by mirrors, GPS' , and peoples heads. The scenery is so amazing that it's hard to look away! The mountains, and the views we can see from them really put it into perspective of how much God loves us, to put us on an earth that is so beautiful! It's saddening to me to see people stuck on their phones, or watching TV when they could be outside enjoying nature! (I know that sounds stupid, but I LOVE being outside! :) Nature is my second home. )

I'm sitting here in Yellowstone, just after Old Faithful erupted... and it was kinda disappointing! Don't get me wrong, a geothermal water volcano is amazing, but the eruption part was the sad part. I thought it would be bigger (like Mount Rushmore) and that it'd be a little more spectacular. The height reached 100-110 feet high, and the spray that came off was quickly swept away by the strong breeze that was blowing.

Now, I'm on the road, sitting in my little perch. We're in Idaho now, nearing Rexburg, ID. I think that puts us about 4 hours out from Bonnie's house! I'm so excited to be seeing them soon! It's been almost 4 years since we've all been in the same place! (I think 4's are a theme in this trip! :P ) We just passed the Rexburg Temple! It's the first temple I've seen this whole trip... Hmmmm.... It is beautiful though!

I don't know about you all, but I'm sick and tired of being in a car! 10 hour days driving cross country really starts to take it's toll on a body after the first 4 days! But, Keep moving on! The best is yet to come!

All my love,


*Special shout out to all the followers back in The Ohio! You guys truly are amazing!

Old Faithful